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We believe in good health and vitality supported by the best in nutrition and recreation.  On this page we provide Health and Recreation web site links as a convenience to our visitors.  We believe the companies below are quality entities and if you discover otherwise we welcome your comments.  If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites. 

Depression Treatment - An overview of depression treatment options. Alternative medicines, mental health therapy, prescriptions and medical professionals reviewed.

Fish Oil Benefits - Save 20% on Dr. Sears OmegaRx Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. An explanation of how fish oil will help support a healthy brain, a healthy heart, a healthy immune system, healthy joint movement, healthy kidneys, balanced mood and sense of well being, strength and stamina and helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Mental Health Abuse - Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.

Stop Poisoning Yourself and Lose Weight - Find out what "diet" foods make you fat, what cooking fats make you slim or what "healthy" meals can make you really sick.  Amazing, one-step method of losing weight (and keeping it off) AND improving your health considerably.

Viagra - Find low prices on Viagra from reliable online pharmacies.

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