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We at 1st Nutritional Supplements are dedicated to finding, describing, disseminating information, and recommending "designer" nutritional products.  We use the word "designer" because there is such a confusing matrix of nutritional supplements on the market today that the consumer can go nuts!  It's almost as if the more you try to learn, the more befuddled you get!

We do the work for you. Take Aloe Vera juice for instance.  Aloe Vera juice is a wonderful tonic that is proven to provide fantastic support for the immune system.  Anyone looking to prevent or ease the symptoms of simple colds right through the hazards of cancer and AIDS can benefit from the consumption of an Aloe Vera product.  So once the consumer is convinced that Aloe Vera is for them, the easy part is over.  Now comes the conflicting maze of product claims, prices, and true effectiveness.  That's where we come in. 

Aloe Vera

In the case of Aloe Vera we have researched all ingestible forms of the product: Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera drinks, Aloe Vera gel, pills, and soluble freeze dried Aloe Vera.  We unequivocally know that freeze dried Aloe Vera is, by far, the superior form to ingest for maximum healing benefits.  Our further research has found that 1st Aloe Vera is one of only two products in the entire Aloe Vera industry that is so far scientifically advanced than the others that the healing benefits far out weigh any cost considerations.  And so we enthusiastically recommend that you visit the 1st Aloe Vera website where you can buy their product on-line.


The same is true with bottled water.  Which bottled water is the best?  You can argue the pluses and minuses of hundreds of products: spring water, bottled water, filtered water, tap water, etc.  But there is only one product on the planet today that turns all clean water into the closest replication of the finest water on Earth: that of glacial run off water high in the Himalayas of Hunza Land and sacred Native American artesian springs in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.  That product is Spring Water Supreme. 

Spring Water Supreme is very affordable at less than $.88 per gallon.   By simply adding a tablespoon of this additive to the cheapest "bottled spring water" from your local grocer you've transformed it into the finest water available anywhere!  Use it to cook and add it to all your drinks.  Your body will feel and know the difference.  This product is also used in a concentrated form by many dieters to ward off food cravings.  Spring Water Supreme is available for sale on-line by clicking on the link.

Moringa Zinga

The pure powdered leaf from the Moringa tree are possibly the worlds greatest unknown supplement.  Gram for gram it contains 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium in milk, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 2 times the protein in milk, and 3 times the potassium in bananas.

Moringa Zinga is an excellent source of nutrition and is a natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on sugar so it is sustained. People also report their immune system strengthened, skin condition restored, blood pressure controlled, headaches and migraines handled, diabetes sugar level managed, inflammations and arthritis pains reduced, tumors restricted and ulcers healed.

Dozens of humanitarian organizations now promote the use of Moringa in poverty-stricken areas to combat malnutrition and its adverse effects on the body. Groups such as Church World Service, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, National Science Foundation, and others are reintroducing the different health benefits of this fast-growing, drought-resistant plant to malnourished people in various underdeveloped areas.  Malnourished babies with distended bellies and orange hair are restored to normal within one month of its use.

Today in America its use is one of the biggest secrets kept by athletes and entertainment performers.  Students use it to stay up late to study and again the next day to enhance recall.  Teens are using it to eliminate acne.   Click on this Moringa Zinga link to go directly to their website where you can learn more about moringa and purchase the product on-line.

Human Growth Hormone Hgh

Human Growth Hormone Hgh is another "primary" nutritional product because it is the main hormone in the body.  With plenty of this hormone in the body all other hormones tend to balance out.  Confusing this industry are the three forms of Hgh Growth Hormone:  pills, shots, and sprays.   Our research has distilled the following:  pills are cheap but contain no hgh product and after two months of good results prove ineffective thereafter; shots work really well but sticking yourself with needles is a major prohibiting factor; and finally, oral hgh sprayed under the tongue is effective, safe because it's homeopathic, and reasonably priced.

Be careful purchasing Hgh product in this industry.  Don't purchase from any vendor who doesn't easily display their ingredients.  It's likely they don't want you to know there is no human growth hormone in their product even though they freely use the word "hgh."  Be careful of outrageous claims based on "thousands of studies."  There have been a "few" convincing studies but those touting "thousands" of studies leave us wary of those who exaggerate so fluently!  Hgh is an excellent overall tonic that will benefit you in many ways that you want it to and many ways you can't anticipate.  Because there are so few companies selling this product whose labs are FDA approved, we recommend 1st Hgh because their Hgh product comes from an FDA approved lab.  You can visit their site and purchase their product right from the link above.

There is another Human Growth Hormone oral spray with an advanced IGF-1 formula.  It contains Velvet Deer Antler, an IGF-1 ingredient, for more specific and dramatic youthful results.  It's safe with a full money back guarantee. http://hgh-reviews-reviewed.com/

Our Goal

1st Nutritional Supplements is dedicated to bringing the consumer the finest, leading edge, scientifically proven, nutritional product recommendations available.  You can spend hours and hours doing your own research if you like but we know you'll come to the same conclusions we have.  Whichever vendor you eventually use we hope you get the result you are looking for.  Nothing is more important than good health.  Enjoy Life!

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